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Vaishnava community all over the world celebrates the appearance day of Lord Narasimha Dev on 9th May. Here are 3 things Lord Narasimha did that stunned the world.

1. Appeared in a spectacular half-man half-lion form from the pillar to prove His devotee true: When demon Hiranyakasipu challenged his son Prahlad if his Lord Vishnu was in the pillar, he affirmed that He was there. In defiant pride Hiranyakasipu broke the pillar to prove Prahlad wrong. To Hiranyakasipu’s immense bafflement, Lord Narasimha appeared from the pillar to prove Prahlad right. Lord appeared in an unprecedented half-man half-lion form. He was wild with rage as never seen before.

2. Killed Hiranyakasipu circumventing all the benedictions he got from Bramha: Hiranyakasipu had asked benediction from Lord Bramha negating all the situations that could possibly cause his death: that he should not be killed in day or night, inside or outside the house, by human or animal, by any artillery or weapon and so on. Lord Narasimha satisfied all these conditions while killing Hiranyakasipu. He appeared in the dusk so it was neither day or night, He was neither a man nor an animal, He used no weapons but only His finger nails, He killed Hiranyakasipu just at the entrance of the house and so on.

3. Was pacified by the little boy Prahlad when even great demigods couldn’t pacify Him: Lord Narasimha’s rage wasn’t pacified even after killing Hiranyakasipu. His rage could have potentially destroyed the universe. All the demigods offered prayers to the Lord to pacify Him, but to no avail. Even Sri Lakshmi, His consort, feared to approach Him. Finally everyone requested Prahlad Maharaj to try to pacify the Lord. Lord Narasimha was immediately pacified when Prahlad Maharaj offered Him a garland. This shows the striking bhakta vatsala nature of the Lord. Lord is ferociously enraged when His devotees are harmed and only His devotees can pacify Him.

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