Compassion needs to be felt as affection, not as condescension

.   When we judge others, when we make others feel inferior, when we make them feel bad about accepting help from us, when we think of ourselves in terms of moral superiority and others in terms of moral inferiority – such a vision can be profoundly crippling when it comes to connecting with others.

No one likes to feel looked down upon. When we share Krishna with others, we need to see, we need to focus not on where they are morally, but where they are spiritually or who they are spiritually. We need to see that they are parts of Krishna. Even now Krishna has not left them, that Krishna has not abandoned them. That’s why we too have no right to look down upon them. Krishna is with them in their hearts also.

When people are in need and they are helped, they are grateful. When the people are in need but they don’t feel the need, then often they become reluctant to take help, and if we want to move towards Krishna through the process of bhakti, we need to see that we too might well have been in their position, in the same illusion, if we had not received Krishna’s mercy.

The Bhagavad-gita (6.32) states that those who see the true equality of all living beings in both their happiness and their distress, are the topmost yogis and they naturally want to help others become relieved of distress. For that purpose, they are ready to do whatever is required to help them. With this understanding, when we strive to connect with others in a mood of sharing, not in a mood of looking down and giving to them, then we can connect effectively with them. We can become messengers, representatives of Krishna’s wisdom and love, and thus we can attract them to Krishna.

So we focus on who they are spiritually, not where they are morally, and thus we can with respect, with concern, and with sensitivity find out the best way to help them bring Krishna, into their lives. By thus conducting ourselves, we can both help them come closer to Krishna, and we can please Krishna, and ourselves move closer to him.

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