It is often a question of the spiritual seekers about how to realize theSupreme God. In His various pastimes, Krishna repeatedly showed how He can
only be realized and controlled with love and nothing else. The Damodar Leela is
one of the sweetest pastimes of Krishna- The Supreme Personality of Godhead,
which explains how Krishna can only be approached by love and devotion. The
Damodar Leela happened in the auspicious month of Kartika which is in itself the
most pious month for the devotees.
Once when Krishna broke a butter-pot and started stealing butter, Mother
Yashoda thought of teaching Him a lesson. But He ran away before she could
catch hold of Him! It is not easy to catch The Supreme Lord whom even the great
Yogis and Demigods cannot understand. After making Mother Yashoda run for a
while Krishna was enough compassionate about her, seeing her struggling with
breath, and wiping her perspiration. Finally, after catching Krishna Yashoda Maa
decided to bind Him to a mortar. But where is that rope in this universe that can
bind The Supreme Personality of Godhead? Mother Yashoda continuously
increased her rope’s size; still it was two inches less than what was needed to bind
Krishna to the mortar. In attempting to bind her son continuously, she was tired
and exhausted. She was perspiring profusely and her garland was lying on the
ground. She breathed heavily but she did not stop trying. Krishna ultimately out of
compassion for His great devotee- Mother Yashoda, gave in, and let her tie Him to
the mortar.
Devotees can learn two very important lessons from this nectarian pastime
of the Lord. The first lesson is that of being patient in the path of Bhakti. Attaining
Krishna is not an easy task at all! It needs a lot of patience and resolution. Mother
Yashoda ran behind Krishna even though she felt tired. Ultimately her strong
resolution to catch Krishna bore fruit and Krishna let her catch Him. In the same
way the devotees must be resolute and anxious to attain Krishna. There will be a
lot of tests, difficulties, but ultimately the strong resolution of the devotee will
surely bear fruit.
The second lesson in the pastime that can be learnt, is the way Krishna
allows His devotees to control Him only through pure love. Mother Yashoda had nothing but pure unalloyed love for Krishna. This is the only process how one can
control Krishna. This pastimes shows how even the Supreme Lord can be
controlled. Thus, let us utilize this auspicious month of Kartika when the sweet
Damodar Leela took place, to increase our sadhna and express our love for

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