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Our mind frequently repeats a soundtrack within us: “Eat this, watch this, touch this, enjoy this.” This soundtrack, by sheer repetition, can overwhelm us. For example, recovering alcoholics relapse because the soundtrack, “Drink” keeps pushing and pushing. The soundtrack is like an enemy who keeps attacking relentlessly, one wave after another after another till the defenders lose strength and spirit, and succumb.

Though the soundtrack promises pleasure, all we get is some relief – and that too temporarily, till it starts goading us again. That’s why we need to focus on its track-record, how its promises of pleasure have been deceptive. The Bhagavad-gita (06.25) urges us to slowly, step by step fix the mind on the self with intelligence sustained by conviction. This conviction is boosted by contemplating its track record of universal failure. Hundreds and thousands of times it has allured us with pleasure, and it has delivered us nothing except misery.

So rather than unwittingly, submissively hearing the mind’s soundtrack and capitulating to it, we need to intelligently dwell on its abysmal track record, and thereby reinforce our conviction to focus on resisting it. And the best way to resist it is by focusing on the all-attractive supreme reality, Krishna, whose parts we are eternally. If the mind distracts us from Krishna, then again, contemplating its track record can convince us to resist its prompting to become lax in our focus on Krishna.

By that focused connection with Krishna, gradually the mind will become purified, and then its spiritually destructive sound track will slow down and gradually wind out, and will be replaced by a spiritually constructive soundtrack which will inspire us to connect with Krishna, and to absorb ourselves in him. Thus, we will be able to progress towards him and attain joyful absorption in him


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