Knowledge about Krishna protects and propels Read more. - ISKCON Kolkata

Knowledge about Krishna protects and propels Read more.

Sometimes people ask, “What is the practical use of gaining knowledge about Krishna? When we get knowledge about, say, engineering, we can earn a living. What do we get by learning about Krishna?”

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The fruits of knowing about Krishna are unlimited. For analysis, those benefits can be broadly categorized into two: knowledge about Krishna protects and propels. It protects us from illusion and propels us towards the supreme happiness. How is that?

The Gita stresses the protective potency of spiritual knowledge: when we focus on Krishna, we succeed in controlling our senses (02.61), which are otherwise almost impossible to control (02.60). Indeed, surrender to Krishna is the only way to cross beyond the insurmountable ocean of illusion (07.14). We get the inspiration to surrender to Krishna when we get knowledge about him (07.19).

What is this knowledge that inspires surrender? It is the knowledge that Krishna is everything – he is the supreme reality, the source of everything, including everything that presently attracts us. The Gita (10.41) declares that everything attractive manifests a spark of Krishna’s all-attractiveness. Krishna is like the ocean of pleasure, and all attractive worldly objects around us are like drops of pleasure.

The Bhagavad-gita (10.08) states that those who understands Krishna’s supreme position become wise and become whole-heartedly devoted to him. This verse stresses the propelling potency of knowledge about Krishna. We understand that Krishna is supremely loveable and supremely loving – all the love we have been seeking in hundreds of things is found in its fullness in him.

Understanding this, we offer our love to him by practicing bhakti-yoga and become purified. And we become attracted to Krishna just as iron filings are attracted to a magnet.

Thus, knowledge about Krishna helps us attain eternal life and eternal love, which far supersedes the benefit from any other form of knowledge


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