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Vaishnava community all over the world celebrates the appearance day of Lord Narasimha Dev on 9th May. Sri Narasimha is a special incarnation of Lord Krishna carrying ferocity and benevolence at the same time. Here are the 3 benefits of observing the festival.

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1. Sri Narasimha is vighna vinashak: Lord Narasimha removes obstacles in the path of devotional service. Whether it be a material or spiritual difficulty devotees pray to Lord Narasimha to help and uplift them. Sri Bramha Samhita mentions that Lord Ganesh get his quality of vighna vinashak by constantly keeping the lotus feet of Lord Narasimha on his forehead.

2. Sri Narasimha is bhakta vatsala: When Prahlad Maharaj was being tormented by Hiranyakasipu in different ways Lord Narasimha saved him. He has immense love for His devotees and always protects them.

3. Sri Narasimha fulfills the words of His devotees: When Prahlad Maharaj affirmed that Lord Narasimha indeed in the pillar Lord Narasimha appeared from it, just to prove the words of his devotee true.

So devotees pray to Lord Narasimha on this auspicious day of His appearance and are assured of His protection.

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