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NEW YEAR RESOLUTION [ A project that remains incomplete throughout our life.]

Every year there comes a month known as December when we plan a great resolution or simply say a whole year plan in which we try to improvise ourselves from the last year and even add many other positive qualities and even try to remove all our bad habits 

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But, do we are actually able to execute all the above or rather the question should be ~ are we able to even execute one of the thought plans ????

THE ANSWER  for a greater majority would be NO 

Did we ever asked ourselves why does it happen that our list of activities or say the goals, the aims remain the same every year  ???? 

Every year we plan so many great targets to be achieved but it never happens the way we want it to be done, so what is the cause behind the story of these list of incomplete tasks??

This question is so much generalised that we hear about it almost every year, we also ponder about it for a while and then this work also goes below the list of all such incomplete task but in this article the reader will definitely find a solution which he or she might have never heard of, never thought of, then what to talk about the execution of it.

ultimately where lies the problem in executing such a great plan which may make us stand aloof from the common people, is it within the plan or is it within the approach of execution of the plan what is the answer to this untold, untouched, and unheard question ever, is there even a logical answer available to this mysterious question 

YES THERE IS AN ANSWER, and guess what, it goes with a strong logic. The reasoning may be difficult for the mind to absorb in the first instance but if one speculates it and try to digest this simple process, there will remain no stones left unturned to breakthrough this 

Let us discuss the matter(ANSWER) pointwise so that it becomes easy to understand and logical enough to apply also. 

One must remember that there is a mastermind behind every master plan similarly our activities of daily life is part of a master plan and as the word master suggest that it could be none other than the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna himself behind such a magnificent plan.

So are our plans in sync with His plan, is it according to His wish or it is becoming an obstacle in front of Krishna which he wants to remove from both his and your plan too. Let us understand this with the help of Law of Karma. The theory of law of karma simply   claims that whatever Good and Bad karma we may have done previously that would reflect in our present life, if according to it we are destined to become the richest person in the world it would surely happen and if according to it we are bound to become beggar-like then for sure this would also happen without fail SO DOES THE WHOLE CONVERSATION END UP WITH JUST ONE PHRASE THAT IS “LAW OF KARMA” 

NO IT DOESN’T, actually this article focuses on how to work beyond the Law of Karma which may be tough but not impossible rather if one believes on Lord Sri Krishna then it would be damn easy !!!!!

To work beyond the principle of law of karma the first thing which we have to do is to connect our material desires ( that is the desires which we want just to satisfy our social needs and our in general greeds ) with the touch of spirituality. Actually the ultimatum in our life is just to harmonise oneself with the spiritual touch and finally bring Krishna in the centre of our life and also in the centre of all other activities related to our day to day requirements. 

Now the question arises that what should we ultimately do to bring that special spiritual touch in our daily life So this is very simple task if you follow some basics of creating a proper relationship as we do while making friends and even retaining them throughout our life, to make it simple, let’s go through the basic advice which is directly given in the legendary books like Bhagavad-Gita,Ramayana and even more 

  1.  Enjoying festivals with friends and family. 

This is very simple to understand if we talk in terms of common marketing language we should understand that all festivals are like marketing for God and this marketing is done by the devotees of the god. In festivals we get the chance to unite with friends and family similarly the same unity should be shown with Lord Sri Krishna by simply engaging oneself in the different activities related to the festivals like decorating the place of worship with flowers lights on Janmashtami, making different varieties of food which we generally do but the thing which we miss out is offering the same to the Lord (in many houses), inviting all relatives to attend the festivals in our home and arranging little kathas( one can even play lectures given by personalities like Gaur Gopal Das , Amarendra das and many more from youtube either in our laptops or smart tv etc) and  kirtans ( basically singing some devotional songs ) these activities may while reading this post seems to be boring and a usual task but if u do it practically it will definitely give you results in form of satisfaction which cannot be expressed in words, it can only be experienced, and of course by involving in the festivals with the family in this way gives us a sense of enjoyment and liveliness in our life which is very important for us to live a happy and prosperous life .  

  1. Serving Krishna with gratitude.

As the saying goes that by humbleness and politeness, if we mix the flavour of gratitude it serves as the most appealing dishes for the superior person to work in your favour.Out of these three ingredients the most required one specially in the case of Our loving Lord Sri Krishna is Gratitude. One may overlook things like fresh air, clean water (or in some cases just water), shelter, nice family to look after ourselves and many more down the list ,all these things if we are getting it in our daily life after we get up in the morning after a sound sleep we should be thankful for that to Lord Sri Krishna and express our gratitude by simply praying to him and accepting the fact that all the necessity of life which we are getting is his Mercy out of unconditional love for us. There are millions of people in the world who are even deprived of even such facilities and we should be grateful and thankful to the Lord Krishna that we are getting all of these at our fingertips every morning without fail. Expressing such an attitude will make you humble and gentle in all your daily dealings of life and of course people with such character are very special and rare in today’s society and not only that if we really apply these rules to our life one may notice that gradually he is being loved by all the people who surrounds his or her atmosphere thus paving a wonderful path of your bright smiling future.

 3.  Having a Mentor or a Guide in our Life.

Yes this is the most important part in our life. Choosing a mentor or a guide in our life is very simple task if you want your life to be lead in a totally wrong way. In today’s society which is more or less led through self driven decision which directly or indirectly is motivated through the incomplete sources such as movies, google, wikipedia, quora, and other multimedias at our exposure. For instance we may take example of movies when we see any trending movie and the actor(hero) in a certain attitude or get up we try to copy him if it is easy to go for but at the end of the day we notice that what we were trying to copy was impossible in our daily life because what is shown in the movie are actually illogical but since we keep watching such things we tend to mix the reel and real life. It is not that, that one should always have a mentor who is a human this is even sometimes becomes dangerous as there are some motivational speaker who claim themselves to be a life coach and teaches unhealthy lifestyle to there own followers hence in today’s society if we see very minutely then we may notice that books written by A.C. BHAKTIVEDANTA SRILA PRABHUPADA is the most dependable source of mentorship in our lives because these books are the material which provide us the logic directly from the most dependable source that is our holy scriptures such as Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Bhagavatam etc. Specially “BHAGAVAD GITA AS IT IS” this book not only shows you the right path in your life but also shows you how to face all the difficulties in that same path words are very insignificant to describe the practicality of BHAGAVAD GITA but one can do a simple experiment to understand this one may buy a Bhagavad Gita from a store the day he or she is fully disturbed from his or her drastic situation of life and just open any page of the book at random and read it at least five times it is damn sure that you will be able to relate your problem with that particular page and not only that if one reads two or three just that much he or she is sure to get the solution to their problem this is how great this book is ( If anybody does the experiment please reply your experience through the comment section of this article the book can be easily bought by means of online-purchasing ).
These were the basic three steps to feel the spiritual touch in our daily life but as we know that there is no end to progress hence there are many such ways which one may follow to make his or her life perfect by devoting it to the Supreme personality of Godhead Sri Krishna but the process of devotion should be always in the right mood right knowledge and of course with the right attitude which makes us different from the dull and illogical crowd of so called human beings.Both positivity and negativity lies within us it is our intelligence that what we choose to work with and accept to harmonize with. Nowadays it has become a trend to harmonise with wrong activities in a positive way and at the end of the day pacify ourselves with a very common phrase “CHALTA HAI YARR”( IT’S FINE, NO PROBLEM ). ACTUALLY all the problem lies here only we tend to do mistakes knowingly and say that this or that person is also doing the same but think twice before saying this does it really makes any sense I leave this question to be answered by all those who will read this article. It is very easy to plan a great new year resolution but to execute it with the same greatness, it requires a great support, great attitude and last but not least a great mentor to guide at times of great difficulties when you are travelling in the right path hope all readers will get all these three things in there life with the blessings of Lord Sri Krishna.

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