In the month of January this festival unites all the devotees from different places with different moods and with great enthusiasm as this festival gives them a beautiful chance to decorate and shower the deities of SRI SRI RADHA GOVIND JI   with the petals of flowers like roses,marigold,asters,jasmines,sunflower,lilies etc. the celebration starts in the morning around 7:30am, when the devotees starts plucking the flower’s petals (not to forget that the quantity of flowers does not limits to 2 or 3 kilograms rather it reaches 20 or 30 quintals at least) and this is not only done by temple pujaris or sevaks it is done by all the common devotees like students, office employees, even police inspectors, bank managers, doctors and whoever comes to celebrate this beautiful festivals with their friends and family. After the abhishek there is also arrangements done for the tired devotees to have wonderful prasadam(feast) which is also captivating to their senses and delights them to great extent. 

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This festival originates from a particular lila of Vrindavan where the Gopis decide among themselves to decorate Lord Sri Krishna with flowers of Vrindavan out of love, affection and gratitude towards his act of playing the amazing  bamboo flute which always gave them a sense of enjoyment and blissfulness at times of greatest of distress.


This festival is the emblem of love and affection which specially the Gopis of Vrindavan has for Lord Sri Krishna , the vibrant colour of the flowers and our Lord in between them signifies a very important message in today’s society, as we already know that different colours reflects different moods of human beings similarly the different colors of different flowers in this festival shows the different moods of material nature with a tinge of devotion which looks more and more beautiful if we keep Lord Sri Krishna in between these dispositions of our daily life.


In the spiritual world and also in the material world, the pure devotees of Lord Sri Krishna have written many poems and songs to sing the glories of Lord Sri Krishna. In most of the poems and songs his ornaments, his decorations of flowers, his clothing all these are already praised by devotees before Krishna accepts them but at the same time when he accepts them and wears them it is said by the devotees that the same clothes,ornaments,flowers etc looks more beautiful than before Is this possible for any other personality to exhibit such greatness ? Of course no one,nor from the material world neither from the spiritual world ( may be partly by the mercy of Krishna himself ).It is well explained by an example of a gold ring with a diamond studded in it, as we see that gold ring is already a valuable object and if given to any body he/she may claim to have a golden ring but if the same golden ring has a diamond studded in it then the person will never say that it is a gold ring he/she will say that he/she has been gifted with a diamond ring similarly we may be shining like gold by our activities but it would get more enhanced if we accept the diamond like mercy of Lord Sri Krishna. 


Hence we must take a learning from this festival and from the mood of Gopis of Vrindavan and make Lord Sri Krishna as the centre of all activities that we do in our daily life and feel the change in our achievements and most importantly feel the blissful nature of being grateful towards THE SUPREME PERSONALITY OF GODHEAD LORD SRI KRISHNA .

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