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Diwali,which for some also coincides with the harvest and new year celebration, is a festival of new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil, light of knowledge over darkness of materialism and sense gratification.

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As we know almost 99 percent people belonging to Indian hindu family especially from North Indian worship Lakshmi Ganesh in the eve of Diwali with the undoubted reference to the Vedic truth of Goddess Lakshmi accepting Ganeshji as his adopted son from Goddess Parvati when she was condemned by Lord Vishnu on account of her ego that she was worshipped and desired by all and she had everything whatever she desired. After this incident Goddess Lakshmi blessed Ganeshji with all her wealth and riches.

BUT WAIT are we missing some story in between???
Did anyone noticed that where did the instance of Lord Vishnu forgiving Goddess Lakhsmi for her ego went and also the incident when she was blessed by Lord Vishnu after her repentance that she can ask for a son from Goddess Parvati and she will not be refused by her as he himself has before handedly reciprocated to her about the whole matter while she(Goddess Lakshmi) was meditating for her repentance.

So what did we learnt up till here is that without mercy of Lord Vishnu, Mother Lakshmi would not get Ganeshji as her son neither she could bless Ganeshji with the opulence of all wealth and riches.


They are inviting Goddess Lakshmi in their houses but for a temporary time period as according to the scriptures and Vedic truth Goddess Lakshmi is also known with a famous name CHANCHALA DEVI meaning a Goddess which does not stay at one place it is absolutely true that she accepted Ganeshji as her son but at the same time we must understand that it was for a particular incident and even logically we should understand that a wife can stay with her husband every time but the same does comply not in the case of her son or daughter and again according to Vedic truth and different scriptures we have studied that Goddess Lakshmi HERSELF has chosen to serve Lord Sri Narayan at his feet to eternity so it is very obvious that when we invite Lord Vishnu to our home he comes on his vehicle the mighty Garudh Maharaj ( a powerful demigod in the form of an eagle ) who when flaps his golden feathers it produces VEDA DHWANI ( A special kind of sound that brings auspiciousness and prosperity ) and with Lord Vishnu comes Goddess Lakshmi and stays permanently within the house till Lord Vishnu is well worshipped with undying faith and devotion in the hearts of his devotees more over with love and affection which binds Lord Sri Hari most easily as it did in the past time of Damodar Lila.

To know more on Damodar Lila please click on the below given link.

Goddess Lakshmi should not be worshipped alone with her son Ganeshji but she should be worshipped with Lord Vishnu as she is his eternal consort and she always dwells in the house permanently where her husband Lord Vishnu is worshipped with all faith and devotion.

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