Bhakti Vriksha

Divine Shelter to Experience Divine Joy

Today technology has made it possible to control the outer world but unfortunately today our inner world is in a mess. Stress, anxiety, depression etc keeps on tormenting us every moment. ‘Loving Relationship’ which was once the foundation of our society lies in shambles. Today the meaning of family has changed, meaning of society has changed, parent child relationship has got a new meaning, now marriage does not last life – long, old age homes have sprung up and several other unpleasant situations baffles us.

But amidst all these chaos there is a hope for all. If someone takes shelter of a banyan tree in the scorching heat then he experiences great relief. ‘Bhakti Våiksha’ is just like a huge banyan tree whose nectarine leaves of devotional ecstasy provides soothing shelter to those who are torn apart by material miseries.

The purpose of ‘Bhakti Våiksha’ is to create a society where every home is a temple. It’s a 2 hour weekly program especially for the householders. The householders can diligently carry on with their occupational duties and can simultaneously lead a God centered life.

Mantra Meditation, group discussions, question answer sessions, melodious kirtans, bhajans and delicious Kåñëa Påasädam are the major highlights of the program. The program which is entirely based on the timeless wisdom of Bhagavad-gétä, Çrémad-Bhägavatam and other revealed scriptures help one to understand – who is God, what is our relationship with God and how to lead a happy, healthy and hearty life.

Various spiritual activities like tours to various holy places all over India, festivals like Ratha Yätra, Janmästami, Gaur Pürëimä, cultural programs, annual convention at Mäyäpur are organized throughout the year. People very enthusiastically participate in these activities. Such a strong bond develops among the participants that they live like a big devotional family.

Within Kolkata Bhakti Våiksha is quite successfully. The program is conducted in different places of Kolkata like Jadavpur, Behala, Howrah, Sealdah, Dumdum, Salt Lake, Minto Park, Tollygange etc.

Bhakti Vriksha programs is also very successful in around the world, in particular; Middle East, Russia, Europe, America.