How to Observe This New Year in a Krsna Conscious way?

Significantly enough the New Year starts with an Ekadasi in 2019. It is obvious that the devotees have special reasons to celebrate this New Year by observing the Ekadasi Vrata for Krishna , what can be a better start for the new year? Krishna himself describes to Yudhistira how to observe this particular Ekadasi either known as Pausha Krishna Ekadasi or Saphalaa Ekadasi.

“On Saphalaa Ekadasi My devotee should worship Me by offering Me fresh fruits according to time, place and circumstance, and by meditating on Me as the all-auspicious Supreme Personality of Godhead. He should offer Me jaambira fruit, pomegranate, betal nuts and leaves, coconut, guava, varieties of nuts, cloves, mangoes, and different kinds of aromatic spices. He should also offer Me incense and bright ghee lamps, for such an offering of lamps on Saphalaa Ekadasi is especially glorious. The devotee should try to stay awake the Ekadasi night.” (Source: Iskcon Desire Tree. Originally cited from: Bhavishya-uttara Purana).

Therefore for the devotees of the Lord, the 1st day of the New Year would be automatically eventful. This is one of the mercies extended by Krishna this year to help the devotees in starting 2019 in the most Krishna Conscious way. The devotees may worship the Lord with all the above mentioned items on 1st January and celebrate the day by chanting more and more rounds, engaging in ecstatic Kirtan, offering Ghee lamps to the deity with devotion and love.

Kolkata ISKCON Temple also organizes special Kirtan nights on 31st December every year, like all other ISKCON temples. The devotees enjoy ecstatic Kirtan and immerses themselves into the nectarean ocean of the holy names as the calendar changes for the good.

This year, therefore celebrate the change of the calendar in a Krsna Conscious way by remembering the Lord and observing the auspicious Saphalaa Ekadasi. Hare Krishna!

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