New year Resolutions for Devotees

The New Year day stands for the first day of the year. It is the day when every ones starts the beginning of a new year and therefore the day asks people to reflect back on their lives, on themselves, and find their flaws. It is one of such occasion when one tries to starts afresh their lives taking various resolutions to get an improved standard of living. Everyone hopes to have a better upcoming year and focus on self-development. When it comes to devotees New Year does not only mean materialistic developments, it includes promises that one should make to themselves to develop their spiritual life. Hence New Year can be one of such occasion when all the devotees can join hands with one another and take resolutions to advance their devotional services and get more engrossed in the holy name of Krsna.

Instead of focusing on sense gratification the devotees must take the advantage of New Year for examining themselves as to where they are lagging in their devotional lives and improve accordingly. A Vaisnava needs to analyze their flaws and make this day as the day of spiritual awakening by understanding the urgency to increase their rounds for chanting, surrendering oneself more on Srila Prabhupada books and try to become a more efficient devotee. Since the New Year brings a person closer to death, the devotees must understand that there is a time constraint and therefore they must quickly aim in achieving Godhead in this life time only and hence become more sincere and focused in their “Sadhana”. The few resolutions highlighted, can be taken up by the devotees on new year’s day that includes, better chanting, regular visit to the temple along with efficient service, attentiveness in Bhagavad Gita or Bhagavatam classes, regular reading of Prabhupada’s books, helping other devotees to improve their devotional life and so on. Ideally, If New Years day has to be celebrated by the devotees they should just resolve to revive the love for God. The devotees must work hard to make a better future and become an efficient disciple of Srila Prabhupada. Additially, one may even take special resolution to serve better the Param Gurudev which may include book distribution, more temple services or conducting more Nagar-Sankirtan programs.

New Years day stands for a new beginning. The devotees on this day must get the inspiration from Srimati Radharani. She, who is eternally engrossed in the service of the lord without anything in return, just out of love for him. This quality makes her stand always beside the Supreme Personality of Godhead eternally. Therefore the devotees on this day must aim to take inspiration from Radharani and by following Her footsteps get more close and dear to the Lord.

Therefore, on the special day of New Year’s the devotees must take the opportunity and get more spiritually qualified. They must get more close to Krishna and celebrate New Year’s by taking resolutions, singing Krsna’s glories along with joyfully dancing for His pleasure and honoring the remnants of food offered to Him with delight.

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