Radharani’s Kitchen Seva

Once Saint Durvasa blessed Srimati Radharani (the eternal consort of Krishna) as follows, “Radha, may the grains You cook taste sweeter than nectar and may anyone you eats them be blessed with a long life span”. Thus, Mother Yasoda, Krishna’s mother, invited Srimati Radharani to cook for Krishna as this would nourish Him physically with good health and spiritually with the transcendental love of His devotee, Srimati Radharani.

Krishna is most pleased when He honours foodstuff prepared by Srimati Radharani and every kitchen where foodstuffs are cooked for the Deities is a representation of the kitchen of Radharani.

Any food items you offer under Radharani’s Kitchen seva, will utilised in the Deity kitchen to prepare various food offerings to the Deities.

To ensure that your seva to Their Lordships is continous, we have enabled a recurring donation facility for this seva. The seva amount you decide to offer shall be automatically deducted on monthly basis and your service to Radharani’s kitchen can continue uninterrupted.

Following options for donation such as NEFT/RTGS/IMPS are only for Indian Citizen/Indian Passport Holder

Bank Name: Axis Bank
Account Name: ISKCON
Account Number: 005010100161718
IFS Code: UTIB0000005
Branch: Kolkata Main Branch