We are not products of our situations; we are products of our decisions

When difficult situations come in our life, we sometimes feel victimized. While the feelings of indignation are natural and sometimes inevitable, we need to use our intelligence to remember that those situations don’t determine our consciousness.

Of course, we can’t check the kind of emotions that the situations induce, but we can check how much we indulge in those emotions. Just as physical wounds take time to heal, but they do heal in due course, so too do emotional wounds take time to heal, but they need to be allowed to heal. If we keep dwelling on feelings of resentment and helplessness, we perpetuate and aggravate the emotional wounds, thereby hurting ourselves far more than necessary.

We need to take the conscious decision to redirect our thoughts towards something higher in our life. Bhakti-yoga offers us the highest and most potent object for redirecting our thoughts: towards Krishna, the all-attractive supreme person. When we take the decision to focus on Krishna by the diligent practice of bhakti-yoga, we experience inner shelter and strength by which we can become purified and elevated and ultimately liberated from our situations


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Author: Yash Sankhla

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