4th Monthly Sankirtan Festival

The Monthly Sankirtana Festival (MSF)is a fun way to do book distribution that gets everyone, including the congregation, involved. These festivals are based on the strategy that it’s best to have a lot of devotees each doing a little bit.

At ISKCON Kolkata the 2nd Monthly Sankirtana Festival (MSF) was organised on 23rd April where over 200 devotees participated.The program started with Srimad Bhagvatam class at the temple at 8:30 and at 9:30 all devoteed in groups proceeded to their respective places spread all over Kolkata. At 3:30 everyone was back for the feast Prasadam. The program concluded with realisation session and interactive exercises led by HG Acarya Ratna P(Vice President,ISKCON Kolkata).

IN the end every participant appeared very enthusiastic and they said that they are eagerly looking for the next MSF.Dates about the next MSF will be put on the website.

Author: sevak

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