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Hare Krishna

ISKCON Kolkata Presents…


Weekly Spiritual Value Education Class for Children…

AGE GROUP: 5 -13 Yrs.

FROM: 22ND MAY 2022.





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ISKCON Kolkata


Vrinda Garden (VG) is a Bhakti Vriksha initiative of ISKCON Kolkata.

👉VG is a Weekly Value based Spiritual Class for Children between 5-13 years of age.
Level 1: Age 5-8 years.
Level 2: Age 9-13 years.

👉VG follows a detailed Study Material thoughtfully prepared by senior Faculty Members.

👉 Children are trained with Moral & Ethical Values for Life eg Truthfulness, Discipline, Self Control, Obedience, Becoming Dutiful, Taking Decisions with Integrity, Respecting Superiors, Good Character, Humility, Tolerance, Enthusiasm, Determination, Patience, Honesty, Compassion, Selflessness, Gratitude, Service Attitude etc.

👉Children are given exposure to topics from Holy Scriptures such as Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, Ramayan, Mahabharat etc to Lead a Meaningful Life.

👉Learnings –
☘️Speaking Skills
☘️Sloka Recitation
☘️Singing Bhajans
☘️Classical Dance
☘️Art and Craft
☘️Prayers & Worship
☘️Mantra Meditation
☘️Festival Celebrations

👉Mega Events –
😄Annual Day
😄Spiritual Movies

👉Certificate of Appreciation is provided to the children.

👉 Classes are conducted on both Online & Offline platform on weekends (Saturday/Sunday).

👉For the Convenience of the Children VG centres are spread in different parts of Kolkata (Please see the Registration Form).

👉Online Registration Form:

👉Contact Us :
Srimati Bhagya Radha Devi Dasi
Vice Principal
Srimati Supriya Radhika Devi Dasi
98366 67523

In Your Service
ISKCON Kolkata

Our Social Outreach

ISKCON Kolkata, has been reaching out to 180+ schools and 12000+ children per day, by its mid-day meal program, providing sponsorships to talented children who otherwise can’t afford to have good education, distributing meals to needy people who are suffering due to Covid-19 free of cost, and much more, all centred around the pleasure of their lordships Sri Sri Radha Govindji and Srila Prabhupada- the founder acharya of ISKCON.


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ISKCON Youth Forum (IYF)

ISKCON Youth Forum (IYF) is the youth wing of ISKCON Kolkata, aimed towards nourishing the hearts of today’s youth with the sublime message of the scriptures, helping them flourish in their lives in a wholesome manner. This is achieved by a number of initiatives like campus outreach, youth festivals, retreats and personal care and guidance by a team of experienced youth mentors.


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