Narsimha Caturdasi celebrated at ISKCON Kolkata - ISKCON Kolkata
Nrsingha Caturdasi 2013

This festival of Nrsingha Caturdasi is very special day for all the devotees. Lord Narasimha Deva appears to protect His devotees. Hiranyakashipu, a demon controlling the three worlds, was extremely proud and he hated Lord Vishnu. But little Prahlada, his five year old son, was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. therefore, Hiranyakashipu tried to killed Prahlada in several ways; but failed in all his attempts because of the protection given by the Lord to His dear devotee. Finally, when Hiranyakashipu asked his little son where the Lord resides, Prahlada replied that the Lord resides everywhere. Mocking this response, Hiranyakashipu broke a pillar in his palace, and the Lord appeared from that pillar in His half man-half lion incarnation – Narasimha. He then killed the demon and thus protected His devotee. Lord Narasimha Deva removes the obstacles in the path of devotional service. Devotees who pray to Him are always protected from all kinds of calamities.

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At Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir, devotees celebrated Narasimha Chaturdashi by discussing the pastimes of the Lord from Srimad Bhagavatam. The special darshan of Narsimha Caturdasi was marked by Jagannath and Baladeva incarnating into Lord Narsimha Deva and Prahlada Maharaja.

In the evening, the program was held at ISKCON House, Guru Sadai Road . Special Abhishek ceremony was performed for Deity of Lord Narasimha Deva. There was special drama "Live from Ahobilam" performed by students of IIT and other engineering college on the past time of Lord Nrsingha Deva. His Grace Murari Pr from Pune was the special speaker for the event. The program concluded with special kirtans and feast prasad for all.

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