Pushya Abhishek Festival – 15th Jan

Pushya Abhishek is the first festival of the year celebrated in January. Most festivals celebrated in the temple involve the Abhishek of the utsava murtis (small brass Deities); but on this special festival, the mula vigrahas or the main Deities of Sri Sri Radha Govinda are showered with colorful flower petals..

Many little mounds of flowers, of different colors and varieties, each with devoted hearts sitting around, plucking out tender petals: the preparation looks as festive as the festival itself. The pujaris dress the Deities in colorful flower garments and decorate them with exquisite floral ornaments. Series of flower decorations all over the altar and the temple hall add to the splendour of the festival. As the festiva spirit intensifies during the course of the preparations, the real spectacle starts after dusk. Accompanied by melodious kirtans, the flower bathing of the Deities lasts for an hour. As petals of various colors are showered upon their Lordships, the delight in the faces of the devotees is a sight to behold.

Srila Prabhupada  instructed us that the pastimes of Sri Sri Radha Krishna are going on eternally in the spiritual world. By celebrating these festivals, we can engage ourselves directly in the service of the Lord. Especially the Pusya Abhiseka festival, where the Lord is bathed in soft, cooling petals of fragrant flowers. These festivities bring us closer to the mood of Vrindavana.This is a festival of joy, as we get a chance to offer some personal service to the Lord.

We invite all devotees to come and take part in offering their personal service to the Lord by plucking the flowers.

Flower plucking service starts from 3 pm

Abhishek of Lord with flower petals will start at 6:30 pm

You can also help us in organising the event by offering some donation here.

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