Snana Yatra Celebration at ISKCON Kolkata

Snana Yatra Celebration

Snana Yatra was celebrated on 23rd June at ISKCON Kolkata temple and at ISKCON House Gurusaday Road. Thousands of people enthusiastically participated in this festival. Everyone got the opportunity to bathe Lord Jagannath, Lord Baladeva and Subhadra devi with Ganges water, milk etc. Atmosphere was spiritually surcharged, temple wore a festive look, Hare Krishna kirtan and songs glorifying Lord Jagannath were being continuously sung and delicious Krishna Prasadam was served to all.
Snana Yatra CelebrationIn the evening Lord was also decorated in ‘Hathi Vesa’. There is a pastime associated with ‘Hathi Vesa’ of the Lord. Once a devotee of Ganesha, the demigod, named Ganapati Bhatta had come to Puri to participate in Snana Yatra festival. Ganapati Bhatta desired to see elephant head on Lord Jagannath and when he did not see it he returned disappointed. Lord Jagannath understood his heart. He appeared as a brahaman and convinced Ganapati Bhatta to return in the evening for darsana. When Ganapati Bhatta returned in the evening he saw Lord Jaganntah having the head of an elephant and became extremely happy.

After the Snana Yatra, Lord falls sick and so He shifts in a private room. He will stay there for a fortnight. Lord does not give darshana during these periods, only personal servants of the Lord are allowed in His private room. Lord is offered food which contains medicinal herbs so that He gets cured. Lord Jagannath will again reappear on 9th July, the day before Rath Yatra. This day is called as Netrotsava day.

Author: sevak