ISKCON Youth Forum


  • To inculcate character building and spiritual training along with academics.
  • Leading a balanced life with emphasis on physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual well being.
  • Securing youngsters from self-destructive addictions that harm mind and body.


  • Creating a class of people of high character and competence.
  • Saving teenagers from self – destructive habits.
  • Creating communities for counseling.
  • Training in Character and Competence.
  • Using Arts, Culture, Music and Media to propagate the message of Wisdom literature.
  • Creating a class of wise people who respect, trust and love each other.
  • Using talents for propagating love of God and love for all, based on the word of God.
  • Distributing spiritual literature at subsidized prices.
  • Training in Science of God, etiquette and behavior, prayer and practices.