Why Krishna steals butter from the house of the Gopis of Vrindavan ?

Krishna- The name which on hearing only gives us thoughts of The Supreme personality of godhead ,who did almost all wrong things but in a most justifiable manner ,all his activities unless seen from a spiritual reverie
(Dharmatamak Bhavana) seems to be a punishable act whether it be morally or it simply be spiritually blameworthy or objectionable then what to say about stealing of butter when he even stole away the clothes of Gopis of Vrindavan while they were bathing in the river Yamuna.
Now since we are talking here specifically of Krishna stealing butter we first should have the knowledge that it is the pastime of Krishna when he was a child who has just learned to run and jump instead of crawling like a baby ,but it is not that he did not stole butter when he used to crawl actually he then used to prefer to steal butter from his own house only and share it with monkeys and sometimes with his elder brother Balaram and when caught stealing and eating butter he used to blame either the monkeys or his elder brother Balaram. Mother Yashoda knowing well that he was the only culprit still she used to shut her eyes to his mischief and ask him as to how did the monkeys or Balaram stole the butter when she hid it properly all this was acted very well by Mother Yashoda just to hear the melodious reasonings given by Krishna in his stammering voice by staring with his lotus like eyes so innocently with butter all over his upper lip and chin that Mother Yashoda used to lift her up with all her motherly affection and cleans his face with her saree’s end and tells him that oh! Krishna you are so innocent ,krishna used to laugh on this statement of her and look mischievously towards Balaram who also used to exchange a similar smile with him
As Krishna grew up and started to run and play with all his friends he started the act of stealing butter from the house of Gopis of Vrindavan , thus creating a ruckus in the daily life of all the cowherd girls.
Now arises a very philosophical question that it is almost ok and justifiable that Krishna stole butter from his house but the one who is the lord of the universe ,who has come to establish religious principle how can that very same personality steal mere butter from his neighbourhoood’s houses that too knowing well that all of them were people who used to earn their living by selling those ghee butter milk or curd. As written in the beginning of this article any act of Krishna if not viewed in a spiritual reverie it will seem to be objectionable and here the spiritual reverie means the special feeling of attachment which the Gopis had developed attachment that has no relation with lust, attachment that is offenseless and selfless, attachment that cannot be explained in this material world ,attachment which cannot be described in even from the most divine form of language.
This special attachment started to develop within Gopis from the first day they saw little Krishna in the hands of Mother Yashoda, this very feeling also aroused in them more emotionally when they heard about Krishna act of stealing butter in his own house and Mother Yashodha enjoying the whole episode
from none other than Mother yashoda herself while they all gathered together in her house
Yes friends when Krishna did this activities at home ,Mother Yashodha used to narrate it to the Gopis whenever she got the chance to do so.
All the Gopis by hearing this activities of Krishna thought very deep inside their heart that when Krishna come and steal their butter whether will he even come or not ,whenever they used to churn milk and see the butter in their pot they just immediately again thought of Krishna, when they transferred the butter in the pots they again thought the same thing many times it happened that in that thought the Gopis threw the pots unconsciously and when realise it soon when the butter get spread on the floor. They knew very well that if they directly asked their family whether they can feed krishna butter or not they would be probably refused as it was their livelihood but still if they got the chance to feed him they will not be able to watch or experience the same thing as Mother Yashoda did.
Here we should know that according to Bhagavatam Purana Lord Krishna dwells in everyone’s heart as the four handed Vishnu who hears all wishes and thus fulfill it according to one’s karma thus Krishna who knew everyone’s heart wishes started to steal butter from all his neighbourhood’s house.
As he started to steal butter in different houses not only did he repeated the same thing done in his house but created even new and more opulent acts which were discussed secretly among the Gopis excluding Mother Yashoda as they could not do that because they themselves use to go and sometimes complain about Krishna’s mischievous act when they could not caught him red handed but the complaining part was just to trick their house people so that no one could complain that Gopis were allowing him to steal the butter but from within the heart the Gopis actually wanted to see Balgopal’s beautiful face with eyes like lotus and lips like petals of red rose and his fearful but yet mischievous expressions which he gave from behind of Mother Yashoda’s saree’s end .
In many texts and spiritual books written by Great Devotees and Acharyas of Vrindavan
it is actually explained that Gopis relished catching Govind ji’s buttery hands which were as soft as butter itself . It was like a great treasure for Gopis if Krishna was caught by them red handedly not because they could complain to Mother Yashoda but because they could touch him and sometimes lift him up like Mother Yashoda did everyday .
Now the person who knows all this story behind the special act of Lord Krishna’s stealing of butter will never become envious of him, still there are people of different traits, there are person who looks for logic in everything and himself cannot give the same when asked regarding is daily deeds and claims to enjoy this material world which is full of anxiety. Person who simply cannot differentiate between lust and love how can those people understand the mystical activities of lord Krishna who is called as
Aprameya (One who cannot be known just by words ),
Agraahyah ( He who is not perceived sensually)
and last but not the least our object of affection and love our dearest the
~~~~~MAKHAN CHOR~~~~~

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